How to get Wismo Q2501b module with tcp ip support


I am student of electrical engineering from Pakistan. I am working on  a project to implement a GPS vehicle tracking system based on Wismo Q2501b module with tcp ip support. But problem is I cant seem to find any supplier of this module in my country.  All the vendors i looked over the internet do not provide their services in pakistan. 

Can any one kindly tell me where can I buy this module?  I will be very thankful.

                                     Ansab Ali


I am from Palestine however I study in Spain, I have bought my Q2501B from a company in Madrid, try to contact with them, here is the web site: it cost something like 110€ the module but you need the MOLEX connectors, 3€ each. you should know that making a home made PCB for this connectors is not easy, it took me like 10 PCBs until I got a working one, that is because the molex connector is so small which make it difficult to solder.

[]( has it too. 

good luck buying it!


Maybe you know where to get scheme for PCB.
We have developed some program for module but have a problem with board.