How to get out of Boot-and-hold

I have a module (OK, it’s an SL8082T) that’s in boot-and-hold state. How does one get out of it? I’ve tried downloading the firmware dwl using X-Modem 1x, but it just stares at me.

If I type “AT+WDWL”, at some point it returns with “+WDWL”, but then what? It still won’t take a download.

I’ve been doing this over USB-to-serial, because the USB driver for the modem gives me a BOD. DWLWin doesn’t seem likely, because (1) I can’t find a .wpk for R7.52 and (2) it appears to need something more than a 4-wire connection. Running the R72*.exe fails because in this state it seems like it’s not discoverable.

The firmware on the device is fine. I seem to have gotten into this state by power-cycling the device too quickly.