how to get open at error code!

how do i research the error code from the open at,when i develop the open at application .
if i don’t know what is the mean of the error code ,i can’t amend the application.
for example i have the question:
in the lib of wip_bearer.h ,i don’t konw what does it mean that returned from wip_beareropen(),i get -20.

you must combine knowledge gained form the appropriate header file and the appropriate funtion return codes in the wip pdf.

the header file containes the match between the number and the name, the name can be found in the wip pdf where the name is explained.

Actually, both the numbers and the names are given in the WIP User Guide PDF document

They are given in the section at the end of the document titled, appropriately enough,Error Codes :unamused:

whoeps, error codes are listed indeed. (i was thinking about the responce codes from the gprs stack when using wip, whey are not mentioned in the pdf’s.)