How to get files from ftp server?

I have gotten the Wavecom modem with the TCP/IP stack, now I need to know if I can get the files from an FTP site… I am running it from the terminal emulator that comes with OpenAT. If I get the file from a FTP server where is it stored?


Solved, commands were entered wrong…

Hi Samuel:

I am asking the same question u asked one year ago:

[color=red] If I get the file from a FTP server where is it stored?

I hope u got the answer?

Surely, if you get it, then it is stored to wherever you asked for it to be stored?

Thank u for the reply. This is true when u write your own application where u can define your buffer, event handler…etc
I used the WIP sample FTP as the document says I used:

[color=brown]at+wipftp=0,port,mode,“type”,“server”,“login”,“password”,“path”,“file” to retrieve a file from the server.

I can’t see how to define a storage using at+wip command. It is not mentioned in the document.

at+wip commands won’t let you store anything on the module. It will send the file content, as escaped data, on the UART on which you sent the at+wip command. If you use the SDK’s terminal emulator, it will be dumped on the “data” sub-window.

Notice that what’s sent is escaped: characters \10 are escaped as \10\10, and \3 as \10\3. A non-escaped \3 character marks the end of file.