How to Find the Public IP address in XR80

Hello Team,

I am trying to find the public IP address of my XR80 router. My service provider, OPTUS, has confirmed that the address is assigned to the SIM card. However, I can only see the NATing address on the XR80 Dashboard. Can anyone help me with how to find the static IP address that was assigned by the service provider? Your help will be highly appreciated.

Thank You.

Hi @sierra2,

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Which version of AirLink OS is your XR80 running?
Please share a screenshot of the IP address you see on the dashboard.
Additionally, please share the regular log file on the XR80 with me.


Hi @jerdung

The XR80 router is running under the OS version AirLink OS XR80 (4.1.30)


Hi @sierra2,

  1. Are you sure that the APNs in use - “yesbusiness” and “yesinternet” - will provide a public IP for your SIM card? Please double-check with your service provider to confirm.
  2. Is it that you are configuring with APN mode set to Multi? Have you tried configuring on the XP Cellular with APN mode set to Manual?
  3. Have you tried removing and reinserting the SIM card?
  4. Have you attempted to reboot the device to see if it updates the IP?


Hi @jerdung,

  1. They confirmed that the provided APN includes a Public IP address.
  2. yes, I had tried Auto and Manual as well, but it did not work.
  3. Yes, I did try removing and reinserting the SIM card.
  4. Yes, I did try to reboot, but no luck. It just showed the NATeed IP address.

Thank you

Hi @sierra2,

Do you have any other devices? Please try inserting that SIM card and configuring the APN that the service provider has confirmed to see if a Public IP is assigned.