How to find signal strength for WiFi


I would like to get the signal strength for Wifi on RV55 via ssh. Using AT*NETRSSI? always returns strength for LTE. I can see the Wifi RSSI strength in ACEmanager under Wi-Fi but can’t get it via ssh. The purpose is to display signal strength at UI.


Hi michael.tsao,

Please try with command “AT*APTXPWR?”


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Hi, I tried it and it always returns 30.

user@’s password:



According to the user’s guide, the description for this command is
“Query the maximum transmit power (in dBm) going to the Wi-Fi antenna(s) when the router is in Access Point (LAN) mode.”

Hi michael.tsao,

Sorry for my last reply. I have confused between Access Point and Client(WAN) mode.

As you said, you could see Wifi RSSI strength in ACEmanager under Wi-Fi. That means your gateway is successfully configured as client(WAN) and then RSSI of remote AP is displayed. I would say that there is no AT command to query this value.


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