How to control led Blink?


Is there any way to control blink of the led in FXT009?

for example, when the device connected to GPRS, it will blink twice :
blink, blink, sleep, blink, blink, sleep, etc
and when dosconnected from GPRS, it will blink normally :
blink, sleep, blink, sleep, etc

Thx in advance.



I guess the behavior of flash-LED was described in User guide section 6.4 and not user controllable except to enable or disable it (section 10.1).

If possible you can add your own LED making use of GPIOs available in the expansion and control via OAT or +WHCNF command?

Hope this helps.


Yes - that’s right.


Ok All, thx a lot for the answer. :frowning: :frowning: