How to connect to EM7455 Cellular Modem from ubuntu server

How to connect to EM7455 Cellular Modem from a Ubuntu server. I can’t use putty as it is a server machine. Any suggestions ?

If you are trying to start a data session, you can use qmicli or MBPL lite-qmi-connection-manager Mobile Broadband Package for Linux (SDK, Drivers, Documentation).

If that’s not what you are looking for, can you please explain a bit more about what you are trying to do. Thanks.

I have one OnLogic device ( ubuntu server) and an EM7455 modem is installed in it. I am trying to configure the modem with AT commands. I was not able to connect using putty as it doesn’t have a GUI. But I found I can use minicom to use for that. However, after sudo minicom -s, and connecting to /dev/ttyUSB2, I am getting response to a few commands like ate1. but when I tried AT!CUSTOM=”UIM2ENABLE”,0 it does not output anything and hangs/ I can exit from minicom.

Please disable and remove modemmanager. It can hold on to the AT port and cause issues.

Does AT!CUSTOM? provide a response? If yes, try executing AT!ENTERCND=“A710” first and then AT!CUSTOM=“UIM2ENABLE”,0. In the AT guide, commands they require a password will be noted as “Password required: Yes”

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Yeah, that went well. However, the commands mentioned in onlogic manual ( with modemmanager. I am not sure how to check the status, configure apn and SIM status using minicom or do I need to install modem manager again to configure this ? If you have any guide on using mimicom to configure em7455, then that would be ideal.


Over minicom, you would send AT commands. You can refer the modem’s AT guide for all the AT commands that you can send to the modem. AirPrime EM74xx-MC74xx AT Command Reference

If you are trying to start a data session use the lite-qmi-connection-manager from MBPL: Mobile Broadband Package for Linux (SDK, Drivers, Documentation)

Refer Software_Integration_and_Development_Guide_for_Linux_USB_Platforms_R18.pdf from the MBPL link.

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I have been reading on the "qmicli or MBPL lite-qmi-connection-manager [Mobile Broadband Package for Linux] document and it appears these libraries are only for C code. Are there python packages for Debian? I am currently using the Gobi drivers and I think these drivers are outdated. Although they work, I am looking for some libraries that do more of the work soI don’t have to manage so much code.

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