How to build a GPRS Module step by step

Hi Friends,
I’m a newbie to Electronics field.
I want to build a GPRS module to be used with Arduino.
I saw some products of Sierra,I think AirPrime WIS MO218 is good for my requirment.
But Im not sure what next I need to for building a GPRS module.
Please guide me step by step how to go for this?

TIA :slight_smile:

Are you also a newbie to programming - particularly embedded programming?

You might be better off to start by tackling some more basic projects to build the necessary skills before moving on to something more advanced like this…?

Actually, the WISMO218 is a GPRS module - your task is to interface it to the Arduino.

Tips on interfacing here: … S6318.aspx

I really don’t think that is a good idea for a beginner - I think you would be far better to start with a ready-made shield.

Start by gaining experience with a ready-made shield

Always start by researching the current state of the art:

Hi Shekhar,
I am interested to know whether you have any good news or if u need further info?
Also may I ask what kind of project you are working on?