How can I transfer with FTPS active mode?


How can I transfer with FTPS active mode?

I want to transfer file to server with FTPS active mode.
The file transfer with the passive mode was possible using the sample code of the following URL.

But, I Can’t transfer file active mode.
I run a sample with WIP_COPT_PASSIVE option of wip_FTPCreateOpts() as an active mode, but the IP which I sent to the server by PORT command was

My development environment is following.

Developer Studio : version 2.3.1
LSI of communication unit : SL8084T
Communication unit : AX8084NE



I haven’t done it - but I’m just wondering if you also need the Security library to provide the secure part of the transaction.

Just a thought.

ciao, Dave


Thank you, davidc.
But, I have already used the security library.
I can transfer file with passive mode.