How can I search for "a&d"?

Hi Guys!
When I type the following the the search box: “a&d cell”, then the search engine ignores the string “a&d”, so I can not find the topics realted to a&d. How can I solve this?

Hi there.

I guess you’re doing: search.php?keywords=a%26d%20cell

Indeed, the forum search feature does not like the “&” character, which is replaced by a space character. Even if the highlighting feature works, phpBB does not seem to send all results for “a&d”.

Same thing happens on the Dev Zone, that queries the forum the same way: … 3A4DE89A6E

Sorry for that. I put it in the todo list.


you can search related to that A&D Api
for example if u want to subscribe the A&D in u r code u can simply call “adl_adSubscribe()” so that u can simply give the keyword in search box as “adl_adSubscribe” u can find easily related to the matter A&D.