Forum search

Hi is it possible to improve the forum search to search for the exact string.


when I type in “time_t” it should search for “time_t” and not “time” or “t”…
when I type in “time_t unresolved” I want it to search for “time_t unresolved” and not “time” or “t” or “unresolved”

If I am just being ignorant… please let me know how to do the above.



AIUI, the forum software is a standard open-source project - not a SiWi bespoke thing - so some things (including limitations) will be inherent in the standard project.

So I don’t know how much control SiWi has over these things…

Anyhow, there have been some known limitations with “special” characters in search strings - maybe the underscore is one of them…?

In the ‘Advanced search’, the ‘Search for all terms or use query as entered’ option should do what you want for “time_t unresolved” ?