Forum bug?


I just want to inform the Forum admins that when a user wants to select an predefined avatar, then its possible to select from the Wavecom libary where the “Open AT certified” and the “Administrator” avatars are located.

Those avatars shouldn’t be available for anyone or am I wrong?

Also the Administrator Avatar is not spelled correctly.

Except for those minor things, I’m really looking forward to participate in this forum. I’ve been waiting a long time for a place like this.


Thank you very much,

You’re right , these specific avatars should not be available !
Be sure we’ll fix that.
The wrong spelling will be fixed too.
We hope you’ll be able to share a lot of valuable information on this all new Open AT Developers Forum. :laughing:



When inside a forum, e.g. [Open AT Forums Forum Index -> Ergonomy], and trying to use the “Jump to” dropdown list to select a new forum, the user is immediately transferred to the selected forum side without pressing the “Go” button.

All other dropdown lists with “Go” button in this forum waits after the user has selected an item AND pressed the “Go” button until the new side is loaded.

Not a major thing, but I thought I should let you know…



Error message…

When using the forum search function, there is an error message displayed after the list of search results.

If no search results were found, then the error msg is not displayed.

The error msg is listed below:

"General Error

Could not obtain forum_name/forum_id


SELECT c.cat_title, c.cat_id, f.forum_name, f.forum_id FROM phpbb_categories c, phpbb_forums f WHERE f.cat_id = c.cat_id ORDER BY c.cat_id, f.forum_order

Line : 1308
File : search.php "

Also a minor thing (or even cosmetic) since the search function works well anyhow.



Hi Snooze,

Thanks for your active participation.
Minor problems are of course not top priority.
But it is still not a good reason for not fixing them.

:arrow_right: Your “Inconsistency post” is under review; I let you know the result.
:arrow_right: Your “Error Message post” has been passed on the administrator for fixing it.




The point of my minor/cosmetic remarks is not that I’m so annoyed at them that I want them fixed, I just think that since I detected somthing, it would be a waste of time if did not report it.

Then it’s up to you (moderator/administrator) to decide if you want to fix it or not…



Posting Avatar isn´t available browsing and sending from my computer or specifying a URL to the image.

An image like :

Seems l ike the image is accepted but it won´t be showed.




At form topics, there is a minor typo:

DOTA: Download Over The Air
Discover how to implement the API’s for DOTA Type I (downlaod of an Open AT application) and DOTA Type II (download the entire Open AT OS)

Note: at the second time the word “download” appears, it is misspelled .