How API's are interact with the Embedded Application


  I would like to know the "There are different API's in wavecom OpenAT,

How these API’s interact with the Embedded Application and OS "

Could anybody please expline…

Thanks & Regards
Arise. Ramesh

“API” is an “Application Program Interface”

The API is the means by which the embedded application interacts with the Wavecom system.

Two APIs are provided:

1. The “Basic” API provides a fairly low-level set of interfaces - leaving the programmer to do a lot more of the work.
Therefore this is recommended for advanced users only

2. The Application Development Layer (ADL) provides a higher-level set of interfaces, “hiding” more of the fine detail from the user.
Therefore this is recommended beginners & general users.

The Open-AT Software Development Kit (SDK) includes User Guides for each of these APIs, and they both start with a Description section showing how they interact with the rest of the system. You should read these :exclamation: