HL7802 GNSS behavior at LowPower Mode

I intend to use the HL7802 for a new design, but I need to know if the GNSS can operate at low power modes… If yes, wich is the expect current consumption for PSM (1h cycle and T3324=20s) plus GNSS running?
What is the deepest low power mode that the GNSS can keep the ephemeris and goes to fix location in secounds (hot start)?
On this product I will need to send data trough the network once a hour, but I have to get the GNSS location once a minut. The battery life time is the most important issue on the project. So, I’m planning to leave the modem at the deepest low power mode that I can use the internal GNSS device.
I’m looking forward any feedback.
Thanks in advance.

Hi @kbssantanna,
Currently, HL7802 doesn’t support GNSS running in low power modes. Please consider choosing other modules
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