HL7800 Sfaest Power Down Option

I am currently using the HL7800 on board where VGPIO and WAKEUP are not visible to the host processor. What is the safest method of removing power from the module?

Thanks in advance,

Peter Bouvy

I saw the PTS section about power off, for “Software Power Off” or “Emergency Power Removal”, you need to monitory VGPIO.
So seems you did not meet the requirement.

Yes I read this in the datasheet for the HL7800. The board was originally designed for use with the HL7650 which did not have this requirement for power down.

I would like to be able to use the HL7800. Would it be valid to issue the “AT+CPWRDOWN” command and wait for a specified time period before removing the power. Without any control of the WAKEUP signal.

Please check with engineering if necessary.


Peter Bouvy

you can try but you can never confirm if the shutdown timing is correct in this case.