HL7800 Wake pin toggling

We are running some tests on the HL7800 where:

  1. we issue a number of commands that will test the functionality of the GPS, then send the location to a server. This works well.
  2. We set the Wake pin low, to put it to sleep for ‘x’ seconds, and wait ‘y’ seconds to bring it back to repeat our test

However, after waiting ‘y’ seconds to let it wake up we get unpredictable results, and often commands will error out.

The ‘x’ seconds of sleep is usually around 30 seconds. This is just testing, but we did try longer and shorter values.

We are using PSM and Hibernate mode.

Is there a recommended time that the module should stay asleep and not be woken up?
Is there a recommended time after we assert the wake pin high where we can issue commands again?

Hi @Rique,
I am not sure about your case. Can you share the input and error output you did?

Does it mean you want the module in sleep mode forever?

Is there a recommended time after we assert the wake pin high where we can issue commands again?

By default, when setting Wake pin high, it will wake the module up from PSM immediately. You can issue AT command.
Below is the example that I set PSM Hibernate for HL7800

at+cpsms=1,10100010,00100001 /// T3412 TAU=2mins, T3324 Active timer=1min


+CEREG: 4,“00011110”,“10000100”

+CREG: 4

+WDSI: 0

+CEREG: 4,“00011110”,“10000100”
+CREG: 4
+CEREG: 5,“0006”,“01A2D101”,7,“00011110”,“10000100”

+CREG: 5

Note that The value of timer T3412/T3324 might be set by some network operators and the user cannot change them
Please share any concerns you have and help us tick Solution if the information is useful to you guy

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Looping back to this problem. We cannot seem to solve it and get passed this.

The problem we have is when we put the HL7800 to sleep, and then wake it up again, We always have errors or no responses back from the module.

From my developer, here is the process we go through:

At firmware startup, I send a lot of configuration AT commands. But I think relevant one, is about sleep/hibernate mode:

  • AT+CEDRXS=0 and I check for OK
  • AT+CPSMS=1 and I check for OK
  • AT+CEDRXS=1,4,5 and I check for OK
  • AT+KSLEEP=1,2 and I check for OK

After I send some other commands and after I put the device to sleep with SLEEP pin. Then I wait for some seconds.

Then I wake the modem toggling SLEEP pin

After I send AT command, just to check if the modem is awake, but I got no answer at all.

note: all the commands are ended with “\n”.

If I comment out the sleep pin functionality, everything seems to work

Any ideas on how to solve this?
Is there a minimum time that the module needs to stay asleep before we can wake it up?
Any other ideas? Thanks.

no response…I’ll start a new thread.