HL7800 No Carrier issue

Hi there,

We have an application running on a bluetooth mcu communicating with an HL7800 running firmware version The issue we’re having is actually 100% identical to that described in this post:

[HL7800 Downgrade instructions + NO CARRIER issue]
Has there been a resolution for this issue?

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Hi @duncan.c,

According to the description, you are building an application based on a Bluetooth controller communicating with the HL7800.
While running the application, it leads to the TCP connection being closed, and continuously receiving the ‘NO CARRIER’ message.
This issue occurs on the HL7800 running firmware version but works fine on another HL7800 with firmware version 4.4.14, is that correct?

Please provide the AT command log file and Wireshark log on the HL7800 when the issue occurs.