HL7692 CEER code 8: Operator determined barring


I have a problem in one of our customers at India.

Our equipment was working fine at the office and we put it in another place. After that the modem is reporting the following error:

+CEER: “SM activation error”,8,“Operator determined barring”

Do Someone knows what is going on here?

I guess that at the new position, the modem is trying to connect in another network. If this is the answer, how I can select the correct network to connect?

In ann01208D43_logfile.txt (2.5 KB) ex I’m sending the log of our equipment.

best regards,
Rafael Dias


So at line 173 in the log file you can see +CGREG: 3, there is no timestamp on the log file but the 3 indicates an active reject from the network (for whatever reason), it is swiftly followed by a 5 meaning it is back on. Given this is happening while the unit is trying to perform the socket connection definitely indicates the network is not happy with the unit/SIM.

I would say that this would probably indicate the following.

  • APN problem?
  • SIM subscription issue especially given it is roaming and even more so given the CEER response although we do not know when this is from, it could have been a previous event.



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