HL6528 and Open AT

Hello All,

Can HL6528 be used with the Open AT libraries?

I have been trying to get the Developer Studio and Open AT libraries to install for over 3 hours now and its still not finished adding the repositories.

I was unable to confirm if this module can be used with OpenAT libraries from the data sheet too (I did not read every page, just searched)

Can somebody confirm if Open AT library could be used with HL6528 and also on a PIC32 as the host.


No, HL6528 does not support Open AT.

If you would like to use Open AT you must use the SL series.

HL series should be used with AT commands.

OK, that said, are there are some libraries for host MCUs similar to the Open AT Library to handle tasks like issuing AT commands, wait for response, compare with the expected positive and negative responses?

I dont want to reinvent the wheel is there is something already available. :wink:


I think that is more a question for micro processor forums rather than here.



SiWi doesn’t provide such a library so, as Matt, said it become a general microcontroller/programming question …

Hello Matt and Awneil,

Thanks for the response.

I believe it is relevant in this forum. Reference to such a library in this forum would help speed up the development for the guys using the HL devices.But developers such as myself can greatly benefit if there is reference to such a library from the collective experience of the forum.

I understand this forum is not intended for MCU related questions, if you want to keep the forum well-organized. I looked and there is not a good AT-Cmd library that I could use directly with GSM modules.

github.com/openxc/at-commander was the only one that even came close to usability.



If you are using linux and are prepared to do a little scripting, you could also look at ‘chat’ (originally designed to do at command processing inside ppp when using a dial-up modem), or if you need something a little more sophisticated, then have a look at program called ‘expect’ (wikipedia.org/wiki/Expect) which was originally used for automating interactions with interactive programs such as ftp.

Although, if you’re trying to use at commands from inside another application, neither of these are libraries.

Ciao, Dave

Hello Dave,

I am working with a resource limited, microcontroller - with a minimal capability scheduler. So, unfortunately, expect is not an option.

Thanks for the suggestion though!


Why not make a library by yourself? Specifically when the MCU resources are stringent, many 3rd party libraries need to be modified anyway.