HL6 HL7 HL8 if will support OPEN AT

hi everyone:
if anyone know ,the sierrawireless will support open at in the HL series.
for HL76XX for the cat.1 module…for the low speed 4G ,if support openat .will be good.for SL808X and Q26 old customer.


No HL series will specifically not support Open AT, SL8 is the kast unit to support this.



I would suggest that you take a look at WP series. It is the new SMART series based on Legato(Linux). Today it is available in 3G and 4G and in the future this series will most likely support new technology like cat 1 etc.

but i can not see the WP series roadmap will support cat.1 …only the HL76xx will be support cat.1 .so i want to know if the HL76XX will support openat in the future。

and as i know the Q26 will be EOL…and the SL8 will be EOL at 2019…

more the WP series too expensive for us…

so…we want to know if sierrawireless will support openat in the future 's cat1 cat.m module…and it will be HL76XX or WPXXXX…


No Open AT is not going to be supported in any products going forward for a number of reasons. Embedded processing as has been mentioned will be provided by the WP series where Linux is far more applicable to today’s requirements.