HL 8548-G matter for antenna transition

Dear HL 8548-G users,

We are looking for the type of matter used for HL8548-G (the component version without cover where everything is embedded into a resin of ??) we think about silicium covered by aluminium but we have to be sure cause we are working on antennas transition in a complex context and permittivity (dielectric constant) + losses (tan delta) are very important for us.

Thanks in advance for your help

what exactly you want?? materials used to prepare HL8 module or material used to prepare the interface between HL8 module and antenna?

hope below link will help you :slight_smile:



In fact we are working with molded module of HL8548-G and we are looking for the type of glue/resin used for overmolding compound .
For the metal sputtering we suppose it’s aluminium but are also looking for confirmation.

Thanks in advance

We ve got info from Sierra FAE : it’s resin provided by KYOCERA with specifications next to FR4