help seriously dropped in the deep end Q2686 modems

I have 150 modems in remote monitoring locations
I am trying to point these modems to a different dashboard but currently am unable to get into the modems to
change any settings
I have a modem on my desk and have a USB connector attached to it
what program should I be using to talk to the modems
the original developer of this product has died and so can not help me in any way
is there likely to be a password if I can talk to the modems
on the q2686 modem is there a mail client so I can send images to an FTP or mail client

any help would be gratefully received as this is not my field and a lot depends on this

It should enumerated as virtual serial port or modem device on Windows, if it does, please try to communicate with it using Developer Studio or terminal application (e.g. hyper terminal).
There are chance that the USB port was not yet enabled, in that case you need to use serial cable and communicate via UART1 interface. Use AT+WMFM to enable USB if needed, please refer to AT command guide for details.

Believe you use Q2686 as standalone without host CPU/MCU, if that’s the case, please check the sample application “SMTP” and “ftp_put” comes with developer studio which is a good start.

Good luck.