Help needed with slqssdk

I’ve got QMI SDK v03.01.03 for ARM, and I’m able to build and run the SampleApps.

My problem is with the slqssdk binary. It emits a large quantity of syslog messages and I don’t see a way to turn that off. Worse, it emits all syslog messages at ‘error’ priority (it wouldn’t be so bad if the debug messages were actually set to ‘debug’ priority).

I know I could configure my rsyslog to filter out messages containing ‘SWI SDK Process’, but I’m already nearly at my CPU budget, so I’d like to avoid having to add any unnecessary CPU processing.

Is there a way to turn off those log messages? Or change the priority it uses? Or can we get a build of slqssdk that isn’t so damn verbose? Or source for it so I can fix it myself?


Yes, all the logs from the SDK are sent as errors. The R&D is planning to change it in the next release.