Help Config 3G only in HL8548

Hello guy,
I have to set Sierra HL8548 into 3G only mode, thats mean it will not fall back to 2G.
Can you give me some trick or any AT command can do that?

Thanks in advance for any help you might offer me!

how about using +KRAT to select the technology?
or how about using AT*PSRDBS to limit the band?

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Yes, I have tried KSRAT and it work.
Thank you very much.

Do know any way to config audio codec in HL8548. I want to use full-rate/ top-rate audio codec, but I cannot configurate that.

didn’t the audio codec should be controlled by MCU?

Hi jyijyi,
This codec is between HL8548 and telecom network.
+CODECINFO to display audio codec info. It has Voice Codec Selection +WVR but when I make a call, the codec maybe change anytime.

i am not codec expert on this topic.
First idea is to use +WVR to choose codec like AMR-FR

Yes, Thank you very much. I will try some way :smiley: