GX450 IPV6

Are there plans to have the GX450 (VZW) support IPV6?

I’ve been using the firmware versioned 4.4.2 GX440 (VZW) IPV6 capability and I noticed the following…when the modem drops to eHRPD, the IPV6 traffic reaches the destination…the destination replies, the network delivers the reply packet to the BTS…and I’m presuming the BTS passes this reply to the modem…but the return traffic never reaches the attached computer. I’m assuming some sort of routing issue.

When the modem drops to eHRPD (basically the LTE protocol over an EVDO radio link), the radio technology changes, but the network reconnects the modem’s session back to the same PGW so that the same IP address is used pre and post RAT change.

I can’t look at the air link directly, so I can only presume the data is reaching the modem…my basis for this presumption is that when other LTE devices (phones) change from LTE to eHRPD, the traffic continues after a momentary interruption.

I know the 440 is nearing end of life…but since there is no alternative for IPV6… (hint…hint) :slight_smile: