GX450 and OpenVPN configuration

I’m using the GX450 on a external cabinet used to read magnetic cards and send data to remote server. The readed information are personal information so the communication between card-reader and remote server must be crypted. I have configured OpenVPN server on remote server and OpenVPN client on Sierra GX450. On remote server I generated ca.crt, user-client.key and user-client.crt and I have tested these certificates with a client installed on PC and it is ok. Then I configured OpenVPN client on Sierra GX450 in the same manner of PC client configuration and the OpenVPN connection seems done successfully but on log openvpn server I see this error:
Thu Nov 24 03:36:25 2016 sierragx450/X.Y.Z.K:17112 Bad LZO decompression header byte: 0
Infact if I test with a ping command from remote server to Sierra GX450 isn’t ok.
Can yuo help me?


I’m having the exact same issue. Are you using OpenVPN Access Server by chance?

I think if you disable LZO compression at both ends you should be fine. You probably don’t want to use this anyway as it has some vulnerability, unless this has been patched…

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