GX440-WIFI-LTE Wireless Limitations

Has anyone put the wifi range to task on these devices?
What is the max range for the wifi?
What antenna was used to get the best result.
Does it interfere with the 4g?

Any information would be great!
Thank you.

you can find below points for your WiFi related queries:

GX in AP mode:
indoor = 184.5ft/56.2m
outdoor = 400.0ft/121.9m

GX in client mode:
indoor = 185.0ft/56.4m
outdoor = 400.0ft/121.9m

There is no recommended antenna for the WIFI Xcard, however it will fit a reverse polarity wifi antenna. This is industry standard. Please check with your antenna vendor for more information.

No, the wifi xcard will not interfere with cellular services.