GX400 Reset

the four fields for reset are configured as:-

Periodic Reset Timer (hours) 0
Time of Day (ToD) Reset. Reset Interval (days) 1
ToD Reset: Time Zone Offset from UTC 17
ToD Reset: Hour of day when Reset occurs 3

My expectation is that the device reboots at 3am local time every day.

My log (own log) shows this is not happening. My log shows reboot through Ace and power off/on - I have a timer.

What does “reset” mean? Are the settings correct? Does this function work?

Does it mean your modem is rebooting??


my log shows when I turn power off/on to the device.

It shows nothing at the time I expect a reset.

I haven’t been present to observe anything at the time I expect a reset (I may have blinked).

What does reset do?