GSM Multiple Registrations

Hi to all!, i want to share this usefull info with you. When you do a GSM registration and your using r74 or r74a firmware version you probably get the +CREG:x,1, (well of course you can ask for it if you send the at+creg? command), in that precise moment your are registered to the gsm net. Thats not news!, but when the CPU changes the gsm CELL you recieve another +CREG:x,1, this means that you have a new CELL but still registered!, you dont have to register again. Its a common mistake trying to re-register the gsm service when the CPU has this behaviour.

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Isn’t that only if you’ve requested AT+CREG=2 to give you the +CREG: ,, indications?

Clearly, when the cell changes, the , changes - and so another +CREG: indication will be given. This has always been the behaviour.

Hi ,
I’m using TCP client sample code provided in the open AT for Q2686 module,

Its ran well on the evaluation board then I put the module and sim to my own designed board ,
After putting there its not registering to the network, its keep on polling at the poll_creg_callback function . I checked the sim connection, Gnd antenna connection, all are correct and as per the reference board.
I’m using airtel service provider.

Pls help me to solve this problem.


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