GRE Tunnel and Multiple Remote Networks


I have a deployment scenario where I need to access multiple remote networks through a GRE tunnel. There does not seem to be a way to configure this in the ACEmanager for the AirLink ES450. It appears that the IPsec Tunnel option allows the specification of additional remote subnets, but not the GRE Tunnel option.

I have also tried to configure “multiple” GRE Tunnels (for example, using VPN 1 and VPN 2, but specifying the same VPN Gateway Address for both and different Remote Addresses. That does not seem to work either - only the remote network specified in the first setting (VPN 1) is accessible - the others are not.

Finally, I have also tried the Policy Routing option, specifying the additional networks to be routed to the same remote network as the first tunnel, but that did not work either.

Any suggestions on how I can solve this problem? I am comparing/evaluating multiple LTE gateway devices and the others (CradlePoint, Teltonika) do not seem to have this problem / limitation.

Thank you.

Hi nsuri,

For GRE tunnel, only 1 tunnel works at one time.

You can configure with 1 Remote access in GRE VPN configuration. After tunnel is up, check the device behinds the ES450 can reach that remote subnet (remote address 1).

For many subnets at remote site, you can add route of the device (behind the ES450) to those subnets with the gateway is “remote address 1”

IPSec VPN is more secure than GRE, so we recommend that you should use IPSec VPN.

Hope it can help.