GPSONEXTRA on mc7700

What are the prerequisites for using GPSONEXTRA on an AirPrime mc7700? I have entered extended AT command set using AT!entercnd. I am using my module on at&t wireless 4g broadband with apn ‘broadband’. I have set AT!GPSXTRAAPN to “broadband”. I have set GPSXTRADATAENABLE to 1. I verified AT!GPSXTRADATAURL which shows 3 valid alternative URLs for the GPS One Extra data. Used AT!GPSXTRAINITDNLD to start data download. AT!GPSXTRASTATUS keeps showing ‘invalid’ for the xtra data no matter what I try. If the mc7700 knows the xtra APN to use it ought to be able to obtain the xtra data w/o first starting a data connection right? I have tried initiating GPSONEXTRA downloads with and without data session going. I am running QMI mode with firmware, the newest I could find.

Related newbie question: the log files referenced in the AT!ERR command output, where can they be found :smiley: ? Are they on disk or do they need to be retrieved using the diagnostics tool?


Please try latest FW which comes with one GPS Xtra related correction.


This firmware is not listed in … story.aspx

According to this list of available firmware, I have the latest and there is no

Please note that I have an AirPrime MC7700 in my notebook (not MC7710 or other) running in QMI mode. If you could please point me to the firmware that solves any gpsonextra problems I would appreciate it. Perhaps you are referring to a beta? Kindly provide a download link.

I would also still like to know how to read the log files referenced in the output of the AT!ERR command. The AT!ERR outputs error counts, log file names and line numbers, but I have no clue where to look for these log files.

Many thanks for your help.


@lotam: please let me know if you have a moment. Thanks.

Hi Guho,

Please contact your distributor or FAE to access the firmware for testing.

Btw, you may try also DIP mode on your current FW.


I found out yesterday that for the first time my mc7700 successfully downloaded the gpsonextradata with validity of one week. Not sure what I did or whether it was a fluke but it is progress. As a result I got a really fast GPS fix this morning.

DIP mode is not really an option for me since I use the Aircard Watcher Build 3728 and Aircard GPS monitor and they seem to only work in QMI mode.

As to the firmware: I bought my mc7700 module from an Ebay seller in China because the one that came in my Sony broke. Not sure whether he can provide me firmware. But given that is freely available (as an MC7710 firmware download) hopefully it is not too much to ask to also make available for Sierra Wireless developer forum members. Thank you.

Yes, I would second that firmware…we too are having problems with GPSXtraOne downloads and since we don’t deal with card distributors (all of the fleet’s laptops are pre-configured with MC77xx devices), it makes it a bit hard for us developers to make an app that works efficently when the GPS fix takes a while to lock. (Of course, we get blamed for the slowness!)

Depending on how strongly you feel you could communicate via Sierra Wireless Twitter. Companies usually become more responsive when customers having legitimate difficulty using their products post on twitter for all the world to see. I do not have access to Twitter from work.

I don’t use any of the ‘social’ things…too many things to do that don’t involve wasting time talking to mindless twits…