GPS Location Reliability

I am working with a law enforcement agency that has MG-90’s in their fleet. They have had ongoing intermittent problems with GNSS/GPS messages stopping entirely. There is no discernable pattern (location, vehicle, time, moving versus stationary, etc). Firmware revisions across the fleet of MG-90s vary and I will be working to update these to the latest to rule out GNSS issues I see that have been addressed in some of the releases. The customer has configured numerous GPS settings on the page that I suspect could be causing some unexpected behavior but shouldn’t account for a complete cessation of location messages for hours on end. If anyone is using the MG-90 to forward location messages to local or remote hosts, please share a screenshot of your settings or at least indicate whether this has been a reliable practice versus using the MG-90 purely for comms/vpn and then using the built-in GPS for the computer/tablet, etc in the vehicle for reliable location data (my preference).

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In order troubleshoot the problem, can you please provide answer for below items:

  • Which MG90 variant are you using? E.g: MG90 LTE-A orMG90 LTE-A Pro routers,…?
  • Which FW version are you using?
  • There are some known GPS problems on the old releases. For example: GPS not forwarding locally or to remote server. the problem is resolved when restarting GPS and they were fixed on release
    MGOS 4.2.3 or later. Can you try to upgrade the latest FW then recheck if the problem is resolved
    Please take a look below screenshots for GPS local forwarding feature which is tested on release
    GPS local forwarding:


Thank you for that informative response. I don’t have the devices with me at the moment but I will be traveling on-site to do the troubleshooting on May 24th through May 26th. In the meantime, I can tell you that these have dual-modems and the customer is using them with AT&T and Verizon carriers concurrently…so I suspect these are the Pro models. As for the firmware revisions, there are multiple revisions in use across their fleet ranging from 4.2.3 to It is my plan to upgrade the firmware to and monitor to see if the problem continues and if it does then I intend to remove the extra settings in the forwarding thresholds and see if the problems continue. I appreciate sharing the settings used for UDP local forwarding testing and for the utility used to monitor the incoming messages on the UDP port. Any other advice or documentation related to the known problems or recommended settings would be appreciated.