GPS BNC on the Air Prime EM7355

Hi everyone,
I have looked everywhere (except where the answer is) for a description of the GPS BNC connector on the Air Prime EM7355 (Dell Verizon tablet). When I looked at the Air Prime card installed in the tablet the two Mobile Broad Band antenna wires from the LCD are connected to the appropriate BNC’s on the card but the GPS BNC is vacant and there are no other unused antenna wires. I can’t determine if there is an internal GPS antenna on the ‘card itself’ or if the GPS BNC connector needs to be employed by an additional ‘internal tablet antenna wire’ for the GPS to work correctly. If there were a wire connected to it where would it go, to an external connector to allow an external antenna or to an additional wire connected to the LCD? What is the vacant BNC used for?

BNC - I think not :exclamation: