What type of GPS antenna for AIRPRIME MC7710 ?

Hi all,
I’m doing first tests with an AIRPRIME MC7710. I need to know what kind of GPS Antenna is possible to connect to the U.FL RF connector. On the guide is written: DC bias on GPS connector 1 to support external active GPS antenna. But what is the voltage of the active output connector? Someone has a particular model of active antenna to suggest? Is possible connect also a passive antenna switching the power off trough the connector?
Many thanks in advance.

Mike :smiley:

From the PTS under section “Miscellaneous DC power consumption’”, you can see the Active bias on GPS port is 3.3(100mA)V.

please contact your reseller for more information about antenna…


Hi Alex,
many thanks for your answer.
The reseller where I bought the module has only external GPS antennas with max 5 meters of cable instead I need about 20 or more meters of it.
I found on the web this Trimble antenna trl.trimble.com/docushare/dsweb/ … ent-662355 . Do you think is a praticable solution?
Many thanks in advance.