GPRS - maintaining link - WREGC?

Do you think setting WREGC to 1 and then to 0 would refresh the GPRS connection avoiding being dropped by the provider for having an open connection with no traffic? It apparently performs an IMSI detach which should drop it off the VLR.
It sometimes takes days for the drop to happen so it will take a while to prove, so if there’s any experience of it out there, please let me know.

i tried out the WREGC command at my end.
i have a GPRS connection created after which i give +WREGC=1.Due to this the MS entered
into spy mode. I guess here the MS considers itself detached without performing the real IMSI detach i.e.
if i check for AT+CGATT? response it returns 0 but soon after i give +WREGC=0 the response for AT+CGATT?
changes to 1.After which if i do a +CGACT=1,1 it connects the GPRS connection with a different IP.

Are you sure it’s the GPRS that’s being dropped?

From what I’ve seen, it’s the “internet session” that gets dropped - the GPRS stays up.

Thanks awneil.
I was led to believe it was the GPRS link, but I haven’t tested just re-launching the TCP/IP server (there is no client connection when the service is “dropped”). I’ll give it ago and run a long test.
I have since found out that there are network drops for which there is no way to recover but a full reboot. So I have had to rethink my service upkeep methods.