GPRS connectivity issue

I am using fx-100 modem to get data from UART device and post the same to a public ip machine.I am using Sierra provided code for enabling GPRS. The GPRS is getting enabled well and also i can able to transfer data continously for 4 to 5 minutes every time. in my code ill be pinging the server continously and also will be sending data to the server for every 30 secs or 1 mins.But after some time im getting this logs

2014/11/19;17:27:17:635;001;ADL;1;[GPRS]: GPRS CTX (cid=1) found		
2014/11/19;17:27:17:636;001;ADL;1;[GPRS]: GPRS EVENT: 27 (cid=1)		
2014/11/19;17:27:26:797;001;ADL;1;[GPRS]: GPRS CTX (cid=1) found		
2014/11/19;17:27:26:799;001;ADL;1;[GPRS]: GPRS EVENT: 27 (cid=1)		
2014/11/19;17:27:28:365;001;ADL;1;[GPRS]: GPRS CTX (cid=1) found		
2014/11/19;17:27:28:366;001;ADL;1;[GPRS]: GPRS EVENT NW/ME_CONTEXT_DEACT (cid=1):		
2014/11/19;17:27:30:025;001;ADL;1;[GPRS]: GPRS CTX (cid=1) found		
2014/11/19;17:27:30:026;001;ADL;1;[GPRS]: GPRS EVENT: 27 (cid=1)		
2014/11/19;17:27:34:154;001;ADL;1;[GPRS]: GPRS CTX (cid=1) found		
2014/11/19;17:27:34:155;001;ADL;1;[GPRS]: GPRS EVENT: 27 (cid=1)		
2014/11/19;17:27:37:071;001;ADL;1;[GPRS]: GPRS CTX (cid=1) found

after this i cant post data to server. Im using TATA DOCOMO sim to get connect with Internet. From this logs i can see its going to WIP_BEV_CTX_DEACT state. What i can see is Detach event is not handled in Sierra code… Is there solution available for it so that i can get connect to GPRS back though Detatch state occurs …?

WIP_BEV_CTX_DEACT occurs Context is deactivated either from network or ME. In your application you can check for the occurrence of this event and if this event occurs then you can start the bearer again. But remember you have to follow the below steps:

  • stop the bearer
  • close the bearer
  • open the bearer
  • start the bearer.