GPIO triggering

I am trying to get GPIO pins to trigger events on the FXT009 (at the moment its a trace saying pin was triggered).

have cut’n’pasted code from in the tutorial chapter 18 but it is not doing what it should… i have wired buttons to the GPIO wires (10k pull-down with button on top) but when i press them the event handler is not called?? vref is wired to the 13v supply, as are the “tops” of the buttons.

//define IO pins on GPIO 21 and 25
adl_ioDefs_t MyGpioConfig[2] = {ADL_IO_GPIO | 21 | ADL_IO_DIR_IN, ADL_IO_GPIO | 25 | ADL_IO_DIR_IN};
void main_task(void) {
	//subscribe to IO change events
	ioEventHandle = adl_ioEventSubscribe(gpioEventHandler);

	//subscribe 2 GPIO, polling every 0.1 seconds and input changes are directed to ioeventhandle
	myGpioHandle = adl_ioSubscribe(2, MyGpioConfig, ADL_TMR_TYPE_100MS, 1, ioEventHandle);

secondary to that, I want to tell which pin triggered it but the only method I have found is pretty ugly, is there a simpler way?

//event handler when GPIO pins change
void gpioEventHandler ( s32 GpioHandle, adl_ioEvent_e Event, u32 Size, void * Param )
	if (( ADL_IO_TYPE_MSK & ((adl_ioDefs_t *)Param)[ 0 ] ) && ADL_IO_GPO )
		TRACE (( 1, "GPIO %d new value: %d", (((adl_ioDefs_t *)Param)[ 0 ] ) & ADL_IO_NUM_MSK ,
				((((adl_ioDefs_t *)Param)[ 0 ]) & ADL_IO_LEV_MSK ) & ADL_IO_LEV_HIGH  ));

the documentation says that adl_ioreadsingle() has been deprecated but suggests no alternative, and adl_ioread says the values are updated in the “GpioArray” parameter but i can’t tell what that is actually referring to because that is the only mention of it anywhere in the entire help file (i searched it).

probably noob questions, sorry about that.



+WIOR: 1


+WIOR: 1

this is without pressing the buttons, implying that something isnt working right.

without buttons pressed, both GPIO ports are 0v and vref is 13v, with pressed all are 13v… but without pressed they still read high??

internal pull-up resistor attached to external pull-down resistor causes the internal input voltage to still be higher than LO level

tying directly to ground fixes this issue.