GPIO puzzlement

Does anyone have the time to explain how to use the GPIO? I think I understand the ioConfig, but I’m not sure whether each GPIO pin needs its own event handler, or whether you only have one event handler for all the GPIO. If, as I suspect, it’s the latter, do you get multiple calls to the handler if more than one GPIO pin changes state between timer ticks (the call-back function seems to return the GPIOHandle for the changed pin)? What does the Param parameter point to? Is it me, or is the documentation a bit fuzzy?

I think that depends entirely on which Open-AT version you’re using!

IIRC, v3 has a single handler, and v4 has a separate handler per GPIO

So, you need to state which version you’re using - and be sure that you’re not confusing yourself by looking at documentation and/or samples, etc, from a different version…!

I’m using V4.11.0, and I was looking at the ‘telemtery’ sample to try and make some sense of it. I’ve jsut noticed that the sample was written in 2002, but as I don’t know the history of the versions, being new to Wavecom, I can’t say whether that was written with V3 or V4 as the target.