Code for gpio status change in call event


hi…i m new to wavecomm modem programming .can anyone please tell me how to approach to write a programme which has to set the output pin High/low if any call event or RING occurs. plz help me .

thank in advance


It sounds like you are also new to any kind of prgogramming - yes?

The normal approach to writing any sort of program is to subdivide the problem into its essential parts - ie, make your program modular.

Your 2 distinct parts are:

  1. Handling the GPIO pin;
  2. Handling the RING event.

Your first step should be to browse through the ADL User Guide, and think about which of the facilities described there would be applicable to each of these requirements.

Then look at the Samples provided in the SDK - there are samples to illustrate GPIO handling, and samples to illustrate Call handling…