GPIO configuration for some other use

Dear all,

            I am new to use GSM module from wavecom. How can I configure the GPIO in wavecom module? 

s32 MyGpioEventHandle, MyGpioHandle;
adl_ioDefs_t MyGpioConfig[1] = { ADL_IO_GPIO | 22 | ADL_IO_DIR_OUT
void GPS_Indication_Led_Activation();
void MyGpioEventHandler(s32 GpioHandle, adl_ioEvent_e Event, u32 Size,
void * Param);

adl_ioDefs_t Gpio_to_write = ADL_IO_GPIO | 22;
adl_ioWriteSingle(MyGpioHandle, &Gpio_to_write, TRUE);

above mentioned lines I have used in my M2M studio for make high as output of 22nd PIN. Please, anybody let me know right things to configure the GPIOs. Please give me the basic things to do configure the GPIOs.

Have you looked at the example code in the ADL user guide under the GPIO section?