GL6110: data sent to modem not received on the peer side


I am using a GL6110 USB modem which is connected to an embedded device. The modem is set to continuous mode. I created a TCP server in the embedded device side(through GPRS network with this GL6110), then I use a PC tool to connect to this TCP server, and exchange data. It worked but we met the problem :
Some times the data the embedded device sent to USB modem is not received in the peer side(PC). And it happens quite often.
1.Any possible solution/workaround to fix it?
2.Is continuous transparent mode better?
3.Any WIP parameters I need to adjust or check to avoid this issue?





Does your tcp server check to see if the gprs link is up or connected before sending?

Remember that the network can disconnect you at any time, so you need to manage the network connection as well as just using the link after being connected the first time.

Ciao, Dave