Get preferred MCC,MNC from QMI SDK

Hi all,

A question about the QMI SDK (version 04.00.26 and previous versions).

There used to be a GetNetworkPreference api from where one could retrieve the values of the MCC and MNC the modem was set to. The docstring in qaGobiNas.h says:

Returns the network registration preference. This API is deprecated
on MC73xx/EM73xx modules since firmware version SWI9X15C_05_xx_xx_xx
and all EM74xx firmware versions. Please use API SLQSGetSysSelectionPref()
for new firmware versions and new modules

So, looking at the SLQSGetSysSelectionPref, there is indeed a field pNetSelPref, but all it tells you is whether network selection is set to manual or automatic:

\param pNetSelPref
- Optional parameter indicating network selection preference
- Values:
- 0x00 - Automatic network selection
- 0x01 - Manual network selection
- function SLQSGetSysSelectionPref() returns a default value
FF if no value is returned by the device

So, how do you get the MCC/MNC values that are set on the card with the SDK ?
I’m using EM7565s with the latest firmware, SWI9X50C_01.11.00.00 Generic, can I use that api that’s marked as deprecated or is there another one for getting the manual network selection settings ?

MCC/MNC can be read through AT commands, obviously, though this raises a second question: is there any problem with using the device USB port for the SDK and AT commands simultaneously ?


I think there will not be problem if you use AT+COPS and QMI SDK together.