Garbage on bootup


Hy guys,

I have a problem with a GL6100 modem, i haven’t used it some time and when i connected it again to download an application it gives me a lot of garbage on the serial port at bootup…i tried with AT+COPF, AT+CFUN, hardware reset, etc…nothing seems to get it out of this state…

When i starts it gives me a something like this :

AT commands seems to work fine but i get also garbage on responses :

I cannot connect the modem to the M2M Studio for updating the firmware or something…Did anyone ever encounter something like this?


No one encountered this problem ? … I really don’t know how to get rid of this and my distributor doesn’t exist anymore…:-s…



i don’t see how this topic relates to my problem…


Try connecting it to the M2M and change to Production mode.



I understand that…i did it …now i have connected the modem to M2M studio and it appears in production mode, and i get “Impossible to switch target to development mode”…but from here i’m stuck…since i don’t know what to do…and the modem it’s in the same state…