FXT009 instead Supreme20

we using modem FXT009 instead supreme20 with the same configurations and we have proglem with download. We use s232 comunication (AT+IFC=0,0; ATE0; AT&W; AT+WOPEN=1) and we have communication problems. upload is ok, when we download it always fail, byt at the same devices at supreme 20 was ok. Pleas help someone.

: what are you downloading?? Application or FW?

: Means??

What are you actually doing with the module? you are facing issue while running any of the application?


We use modem to send and to receive data to our machine, and when we had replaced fastrack supreme 20 to FXT009 we only could send data to server, but error when we tray to receive data to machine. The machine it is our construction and program board with at microcontroler (atmega 2560 at 9600 baud rate).

Is there any specific error you are getting ? Also you have mentioned about the baud rate. Is it compatible with module?