FXT: USB power limitation

I have an FXT009 with battery accessory.

If I let the battery accessory fully discharge, the FXT then won’t restart when USB power is re-applied - it just sits there doing a very fast “flicker” on the FXT status LED.

This FXT status LED indication is not documented - is it a genuine indication, or is it just that the whole thing is “unstable” :question:

I didn’t see any note in the documentation to say that an FXT cannot start on USB power with a discharged battery accessory.


Any LED Light activity on the battery accessory in this state?

I don’t have FXT and the battery accessory, but it seems to me that below in document may explains:

Section 6.2 USB Power Status:

the Fastrack Xtend cannot be used in Communication mode with the USB source unless a charged battery is connected.



Sorry - don’t remember.

Yes, I guess that does explain it.

But I think it could still do with more explicit documentation on how to deal with a flat battery & USB power…