FX30S - Update to R17

I did have an app that works find on R14 and I’m trying to install it on the new firmware and R17 but problem when installing on the FS30S
What I do have on console but perhaps it is not the real problem.
Oct 14 15:29:46 | supervisor[728]/supervisor T=main | app.c CreateFileLink() 1507 | Could not stat file at ‘/sbin/genl-ctrl-list’. No such file or directory
Oct 14 15:29:46 | supervisor[728]/supervisor T=main | app.c CreateFileLink() 1624 | Failed to create link at ‘/sbin/genl-ctrl-list’ in app ‘serieTcpNetworkNew’.
Oct 14 15:29:46 | supervisor[728]/supervisor T=main | app.c app_Start() 2954 | Failed to set Smack rules or set up app area.

What I did is install new firmware on the FX30S, changing package to R17 in my project, cleaning, building and installing.

Did I miss something for porting my app?

I am using Developer Studio 3.5.1


Hi @xgaillard,
The R14 firmware uses Legato framework 16.10.4 while R17 uses 18.06.5.

Have you re-compiled using the new toolchain? I’m not entirely certain, but I think the toolchain is available through Leaf.


Hi @xgaillard

This issue can not be reproduced on FX30S firmware R17.0 at my side.
Make sure that the legato framework version in Developer Studio is the same as your FX30S (18.06.5).

Support for Developer Studio has ended and the Legato plugin for VSCode is now the currently supported IDE. You can use VSCode.

Thanks for answering.

Available Firmware on sierra wireless site is 18.6.4.
I did use the R17 package available for VisualStudio.


I know I should use VScode but it was so difficult to get something work with DevelopperStudio.

My computer is running windows and I did try to install VSCode and the packages for FX30S but so difficult also.

I should try again.


Hi @xgaillard

Please refer to https://docs.legato.io/latest/tools_vsCode.html#tools_vsCode_DevStudio to install vsCode and the Legato Plugin for Legato development

Thanks @Donald,
I’m now OK with the install of VSCode but it is on ubuntu and I need a VirtualBox. Then it works.
But my problem was with the “adef” file as there were a requires: { dir: { /sbin /sbin … but the instruction fails on install as a program in /sbin was a link…

Hi @xgaillard

Did you refer to https://docs.legato.io/latest/tools_vsCodeMigrate.html for migrating Dev Studio Apps to Visual Studio Code?

sbin is a standard subdirectory of the root directory in Linux. They are mostly administrative tools, that should be made available only to the root user.

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