FX30S: trying to use le_ulpm_ShutDown()



I am trying to use the le_ulpm_ShutDown() function and am getting the LE_NOT_POSSIBLE response.

I first set it to boot using the timer (code based on example):

LE_ERROR_IF(le_ulpm_BootOnTimer(30) != LE_OK, “Can’t set timer as boot source”);
// Initiate shutdown.
res = le_ulpm_ShutDown();
LE_ERROR_IF(LE_OK == res, “Initiated shutdown”);
LE_ERROR_IF(LE_NOT_POSSIBLE == res, “shutdown not possible now”);
LE_ERROR_IF(LE_FAULT == res, “Failed to Initiate shutdown”);

I also tried to use the “pmtool” with no success either:

root@fx30s:/proc# pmtool bootOn timer 15
root@fx30s:/proc# pmtool shutdown
Can't initiate shutdown of MDM

Any suggestions as to what I am doing wrong?



I may have found the issue.

I saw a “Wakelock held!!!” message in the logread output.

After searching for info about that, I found a post that said to check /sys/power/wake_lock.

It showed “legato_devModeApp_589”

I removed devMode app and now I can initiate le_ulpm_ShutDown().