Ultra low power mode WP76xx

Hi everyone
I try to start the following application to test ultra low power mode on wp76xx module, here the code
void SwitchToLowPowerMode(void)
LE_INFO("************** START ULTRA LOW POWER MODE **************");

// Boot after 1000 second of shutdown.
LE_ERROR_IF(le_ulpm_BootOnTimer(1000) != LE_OK, “Can’t set timer as boot source”);

// Boot if GPIO36 voltage level is high.
LE_ERROR_IF(le_ulpm_BootOnGpio(36, LE_ULPM_GPIO_HIGH) != LE_OK, “Can’t set gpio36 as boot source”);

// Boot if GPIO38 voltage level is low.
LE_ERROR_IF(le_ulpm_BootOnGpio(38, LE_ULPM_GPIO_LOW) != LE_OK, “Can’t set gpio38 as boot source”);

// Initiate shutdown.
LE_ERROR_IF(le_ulpm_ShutDown() != LE_OK, “Can’t initiate shutdown”);

But when le_ulpm_ShutDown() is called i get an error that correspond to result LE_NOT_POSSIBLE.
Than i try to enable manually this mode by do the following commands:

cd /sys/module/swimcu_pm/boot_source/
echo 100 > timer/timeout
echo 1 > enable

Than the board is shutdown and after 100s exit from low power mode. I measure the power consumption and doesn’t change. Can anyone tell me what i’m wrong?


I would suggest posting this sort of question to the legato forum rather than here as there are more firmware developers who go there and will be more able to answer questions like this.



Hi Matt,
Thank you for your reply, i have already make a post on legato forum and mangoh forum.