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I develop an app in C through developer studio.

I wonder if it’s possible to create a web server on a FX30(S), I’d like to display variables from my C program on a web interface.

Maybe I can do something with POST HTTP request with curl ? But I don’t know how to setup my HTML file and how to access it through a web browser (By typing something like

Dylan Lemasson

The FX30 has Legato: it’s a Linux platform - so should be no problem to do a web server!


Err… the POST request comes from the Client - not from the Server!

Perhaps an HTTP Tutorial would help: jmarshall.com/easy/http/

If you’re trying to access it over the cellular network, your FX30 will need a Public IP address.

A more common approach is for the remote node to push stuff to the “the cloud”, and your computer to access it from there:

SiWi’s AirVantage is an example of this: airvantage.net/


Yes, but I’d like to develop through developer studio only because I monitor my modems with airvantage and I want to deploy apps with it.
The point is to install and update my app remotly without configuring FX30 one by one to install something directly on linux.

For example I have more than 100 RV50 installed and I can’t go visit each client to update theirs modems.
Using SSH is also not possible because some of my clients use blocked SIM cards so I can’t reach them (for security reason, they use specific APNs). Theirs modems are only allowed to send data and communicate to airvantage so I can’t use the public IP.
I created a lua application which is capable of parsing a simple HTML page to display some variables of the program. And now I want to do the same with FX30.

I don’t really plan to use public IP, I’d like to be able to access a webpage with USB cable with the same local address for each FX30 like it’s possible with RV50. (The web page is for technicians when they have to do maintenance).

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Dylan Lemasson

I think you misunderstand.

If you’re developing apps for the FX30, then they are Legato apps - that is how the FX30 allows you to embed apps.

Of course not - Airvantage allows you to update them remotely.

So an embedded HTTP server in the FX30 is also going to be unreachable - isn’t it?

Which means that you will have to visit each site - but you said you don’t want to do that?!

But, yes: as I said initially, that should be possible - because you have, in Legato, all the Linux goodness which is ideally suited to such things!


It’s a webpage useful only in local. The webpage is only for the installation and maintenance of our system.
The people who have access to the modem and those who develop are not the same. That’s why I want monitoring and the update program feature through airvantage and a local webpage for the tech guy.
Anyway we are getting of the topic. Online or local is not a problem, I was just looking for some sample program which use HTML files in a developer studio C projet and how to access them through a brower :slight_smile:

Best regards,
Dylan Lemasson

yes - it shouldn’t be hard to find a linux example of serving a web page over a serial link, and work from there …


I almost succeed to do what I wanted.
I run a nodejs server on a FX30S but I don’t know how to have access to it throught a browser on a linux machine connected with a USB cable.

FX30S don’t have RJ45 plug so I guess I can’t configure my interfaces the same way than a FX30 with :
iptables -l INPUT -i eth0 -p tcp -m tcp --dport 80 -j ACCEPT

Is the “eth0” that I have to change ?

Dylan Lemasson

Hi Dylan,

You can change the firewall rules here:

By default all incoming is accepted on ‘usb0’.

FYI, for the FX30S, eth0 would apply to an ethernet adapter on the IOT slot.


Hi Chris,

Ok got it !
Thanks for the help :grinning:

Dylan Lemasson

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